Land clearing can be a beneficial service for many different types of properties. It involves clearing a property of natural features, such as trees, stumps, or brush, which are causing problems or preventing the improvement of the property. American Arbor offers land clearing services in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

American Arbor is a landscaping company which serves the Kalamazoo area. However, unlike other similar companies, we focus on tree management, rather than simple services. We want your property to thrive in its natural beauty, and will help you learn how to care for it properly so you don’t have to remove anything.

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Reason for Land Clearing Services

There are a variety of reasons why a property might need land clearing services. It’s important to identify your needs before hiring anyone to start clearing.

New building projects may begin with an unmaintained lot. Before any building can begin, a foundation must be laid. Before that can happen, the lot must be level and clear of obstacles that might get in the way or affect the stability of the foundation.

Construction lots are not the only properties that need cleared land for building new structures. A piece of land that will be used for the paving of a road need to be cleared as well. Any property where a foundation or driveway will be built could also benefit from land clearing services.

Real estate properties could also benefit from clearing. There may be trees that are unhealthy and unattractive, brush in a chaotic, unkempt state, and other features such as old stumps and large rocks. These features can drive down the value of a property, so clearing them is essential for real estate agents, investors, and developers.

Some features may pose a fire hazard, such as dead brush and excessive growth. Clearing these hazards makes your property much safer in the event of a fire emergency. It could even help to slow down a dangerous wildfire that reaches your property.

Public spaces, such as golf courses and parks, may contain unattractive features that decrease both its beauty and functionality. Clearing these properties can eliminate problematic features and enhance the natural beauty of the space. This attracts more visitors.

Unhealthy trees, dead stumps and brush, and intrusive rocks can affect the health of primary trees, brush, and flowers. Clearing the property of these nuisances improves the health of the remaining plant life and encourages future growth.

When combined with mulching, land clearing is even environmentally friendly. The mulch is distributed on the property after the clearing, which encourages growth of the area. It also prevents soil erosion and boosts the nutrient content within the soil.

Clearing a piece of land also increases visibility. By removing unnecessary trees, stumps, rocks, and brush, you can see the entire property as it’s meant to be seen. This allows you to envision what improvements will do for the lot, and helps potential buyers to see the possibilities that come with the site.

Unmanaged trees and brush can attract pests, such as termites and beetles, which can devastate your property and home. Clearing these features will keep infestations to a bare minimum.

Clearing a property also makes it safer. Hidden stumps and rocks can pose a safety risk to someone walking on the property. Dead trees and brush can carry diseases, which could infect any animals or people coming into contact with it. Pests and diseases are not just a danger to the owners of the property, but can endanger anyone working on the property and spread to neighboring lots.

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Land Clearing Pricing

The cost of land clearing services can vary depending on several factors. Generally, prices are quoted on a case-by-case basis and take into account the complexities of the job.

The equipment used will factor into the price. Land clearing can involve the use of many different types of equipment and tools, including chainsaws, bulldozers, excavators, and backhoes. Some heavier machinery can be expensive to use, which affects the price of the job.

It will also be important to know how much of the property will be cleared, as this will affect pricing as well. Some properties may only need selective clearing, which retains certain trees, gardens, and other foliage. Selective clearing doesn’t necessarily mean a lower cost – it depends on the complexity of the clearing itself.

Cost also depends on the terrain of the property. A flat, level lot is easier to clear than one that is sloped, wooded, or heavily forested.

The municipality where the clearing is taking place can impact the cost of clearing. Local rates will always play a part, and local regulations will mandate what can be done and what requires a permit.

Accessibility is also important. Will the crew need a special vehicle or permission to access the site? This could add to the cost of clearing the property.

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American Arbor Can Expertly Clear Your Property in Kalamazoo, Michigan

No matter your reasons for needing land clearing services, American Arbor has the experience to help make the job a success. We have been clearing properties in the Kalamazoo area for 30 years. We constantly keep ourselves updated on changes in the industry through our memberships in TCIA, ISA, and ASM.

We offer more than just land clearing services at American Arbor. You can also count on us for:

We are unique in that we focus on tree health and maintenance above simply removing and mulching trees. We will educate you about how to care for your property so you will not need to clear anything later on.

We value our customers above all else. You can be sure that we will listen to your concerns and put your needs first. Call American Arbor today for your free estimate on land clearing services in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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