The insect world is made up of parasites and predators, pests and prey. Some are beneficial, and others you would love to ban from your property. Is chemical application the only answer, or can we take an alternative approach to pest control?

At American Arbor, we have an array of pest control solutions to tackle the usual culprits in your Kalamazoo area landscape. It all begins with an accurate assessment of what kind of problem you’re dealing with.

Can You Recognize a Pest Problem?

Do those holes in the leaves of your backyard oak mean anything? Should that sap be oozing out of the fir bark? What about the fine white webbing you found on the underside of leaves on the shrub by your front door? Should you worry about those branches turning brown on your otherwise magnificent blue spruce?

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People call us with questions like these, worried their landscape is under attack by something that requires intervention without delay. It could be nothing, a condition based on weather or plant selection or sun exposure that nature will cure.

Sometimes, though, a bad bug is responsible, one that warrants chemical applications of pest control products to save trees and shrubs from removal. In other cases, while warranted, uses of insecticides, pesticides and herbicides may do more harm than good.

A great example cited by the Michigan State University Extension is the effect of some chemicals on pollinators. Bees can be wiped out by insecticides meant for other creatures, such as borers, beetles and mites. Releasing a natural predator can be just as effective, even when it takes a little more time and patience waiting for the desired result.

Not only does the over-use of chemicals negatively impact the beneficial insects we’d like to preserve, but it also runs off into our Kalamazoo water supplies. Our families and pets and the wildlife around us encounter it. And in the long run, the pests may return.

Save the bees. Encourage natural predators and parasites to take care of the bad bugs for you. We use only the chemicals necessary for your problem and we use them wisely.

Chemical Application & Pest Control Services That Care

Problems can be misdiagnosed by the uninformed. What some might suspect to be an insect issue could in fact be a disease process with a completely different treatment required. That’s why calling a trained professional is important.

At American Arbor, we utilize chemical, organic and natural methods to treat pests and fungi in your Kalamazoo trees, shrubs and lawn. We identify the cause of your landscape problem and find the appropriate, cost-effective solution for you, while protecting the environment.

Our experienced, knowledgeable crews receive training and continuing education from the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and the Arboriculture Society of Michigan (ASM). We know how to treat the bad bugs and preserve the beneficials. Our landscape check-ups accurately diagnose your potential and existing problems.

Call us today about those holes, those webby leaves, and those unsightly brown branches. We’ll find the chemical or organic treatment meant to do the best good while doing the least harm.

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