Roads that are lined with trees and brush often need maintaining and clearing. Right of way clearance (or, RoW Clearance, for short) in Kalamazoo, Michigan, usually involves trimming branches and brush, removing problematic trees and brush, and clearing debris. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most innovative is the use of a grapple saw crane. This piece of equipment makes clearing speedy and safe, since it is operated remotely.

American Arbor uses the grapple saw crane to clear roadways. We have found this method to be the most effective, especially for municipalcommercial, and other large clearings. We employ this clearing method in conjunction with our vast knowledge and experience in tree care.

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Reasons for Right of Way Clearance Services

Trees and brush lining a road is a common aesthetic feature of roadways in Kalamazoo, Michigan. But sometimes these trees and brush can grow out of control.

Trees could produce low-hanging branches. These branches may not affect most vehicles, but larger trucks could get scratched or damaged. The drivers of these trucks could also experience compromised visibility.

Branches that grow sideways into the road can affect drivers of smaller vehicles. They can cause scratches and other damage. They can also reduce visibility by entering a driver’s field of vision or obstructing road signs, which can cause accidents. Often, drivers will try to get around these problematic branches, which puts them closer to the centerline and oncoming traffic. This increases the safety risk of driving on the road.

Brush growing too close to the road can likewise cause problems for drivers. It can scratch vehicles and small, sharp twigs can damage or even puncture tires. Like tree branches, this brush can also push drivers toward the center of the road and closer to dangerous impacts.

Brush near the road also attracts animals and encourages them to stick around. This increases the risk of animal-related accidents.

Both tree branches and brush can endanger pedestrians and bikers as well. Pedestrians will try to avoid scratches by walking around the foliage, and bikers will want to avoid damage to their bikes by steering away from it. Both of these actions place people in the middle of a lane and maybe even near the centerline. This increases the risk of devastating pedestrian- and bike-related accidents.

Trees that grow too close to a road can damage the road itself. As their root systems grow, it can push against the pavement, causing cracks and other damage. These trees should be moved away from the road or simply removed altogether. If not done at the first sign of cracks, the road will need repaving to avoid further damage.

Debris on or near the road is also dangerous. It can cause accidents, obstruct signs, and force drivers and pedestrians to go around it.

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Right of Way Clearance Pricing

The cost of right of way clearing work in Kalamazoo, Michigan, typically depends on the scope of the job.

The first consideration will be how much of the road needs clearing. Some companies charge by the foot or acre.

Another factor is how much of the trees and brush need to be trimmed or removed. There could be a charge per tree for removal.

The complexity of the job will also have an impact. Roads that are on a steep slope, in a busy metropolitan area, or bordered by heavily forested land may need more attention and take more time to clear than a level country road.

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American Arbor Can Help Keep Roads Safe in Kalamazoo, Michigan

American Arbor has over three decades of experience with right of way clearance in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We leverage this experience to offer the best job every time and educate our customers about maintenance. We are also able to leverage industry knowledge by maintaining memberships in TCIA, ISA, and ASM, which allows us to stay up-to-date on the latest breakthroughs and techniques in the industry.

In addition to keeping roads safer, we offer a variety of other landscaping services, including:

We are very focused on our customers’ needs. We listen and respond appropriately, and always aim to keep our customers’ loyalty and trust. We don’t just solve the problem that you come to us for – as issues arise, we suggest and implement solutions right away.

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