That tree might be long gone, but the stump – and its problems – remain. For some species, the tree may re-sprout from a stump or major roots left behind. In other cases, they may continue to transmit the disease or feed the insect that killed the tree in the first place. At American Arbor LLC, we want to do the job correctly the first time and give you the peace of mind that your Kalamazoo tree is truly gone.

This is not a process for the DIYer or inexperienced service provider! Grinding requires careful attention to surrounding structures, underground utilities, and vegetation, as well as care in using the dangerous equipment itself. Incomplete tree removal, leaving behind part of a stump or major woody roots, might mean another round of work before restoration of the area can begin.

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Why Stump Grinding is Important

A stump will not simply die back because the food-generating top of the tree is gone. Roots often reach great distances beyond the original canopy of branches and leaves, feeding the regeneration of growth in unsightly ways. Even shrubs will regrow when cut back to ground level.

In nature, this ability to regenerate can be a positive trait, one often capitalized upon in some areas of forestry and agriculture. That’s because the tree’s growth underground takes as long and uses as much energy as the parts we see above. For example, some varieties of Christmas trees are cut well above ground, leaving behind a few branches to help the roots grow another tree. Other deciduous shrubs are intentionally cut back severely to promote thicker, hedge-style growth.

Sometimes the act of stump grinding reveals issues that may have contributed to the tree’s demise. As Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development points out, predatory insects can be lurking in woody roots. Their existence will only become known when the root is ground to chips. A trained Kalamazoo tree professional will be able to spot their presence, identify the pest, and develop a mitigation plan.

Leave Stump Grinding to Professionals

True removal means grinding out the stump and all major roots that can feed sprouts and suckers. If you plan to re-plant this area with new trees or establish a flower bed, it is doubly important to make sure old roots are removed so they do not interfere with the development of your replacement plants. Shallow roots threading across a lawn would also create long-term problems as they rot, leaving behind ruts and uneven turf.

Many people take out trees and attempt to put a vegetable garden in their place. Again, removal of all old plant material is critical to garden success. The soil types and conditions that helped the tree or shrub become the monster it once was now may conflict with your vegetables’ needs. Grinding out stumps and roots leaves behind an area where you can improve the soil to make it friendly to the food you eat.

Remember, stump grinding can be hazardous. Our experienced crews in Kalamazoo, MI will protect your family and your property from danger during the process. We remove ground materials from your site unless specifically asked to leave behind disease-free bark chips.

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