Customers call us at American Arbor LLC with many types of tree and shrub issues in the Kalamazoo area. Here are some examples:

  • A branch on my oak has turned brown. What’s wrong with it?
  • Leaves on these flowering shrubs next to my driveway have turned brown and are falling off. What’s happening?
  • There are webs all over my pines. Can I just spray them off with a hose?

The bottom line – all these customers are asking a version of the same question. Can this tree be saved?

Certified Arborists to Answer Your Questions

The answer is we can’t say for sure, not without sending out one of our Certified Arborists to perform a tree risk assessment. A symptom may have multiple causes, and not all require intervention.

Sometimes it’s Mother Nature’s way of saying the tree has lived out its normal life and it’s time to think about removal. In other situations, conditions in that tree’s placement or factors like the use of chemicals in the area could be the cause.

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We look for clues about the tree’s health and patterns of the problem, to determine how best to meet your Kalamazoo landscape’s needs. For example, a deciduous tree placed in the middle of a lawn may have turf right up to the trunk. Damage to the bark could be incidental, such as running into the tree repeatedly with a string weed trimmer. The tree could be overwatered, since the amount of water needed to keep a lawn green is more than what the tree needs to keep its deeper roots alive.

A wound in the bark that’s oozing sap could be a sign of borers, an insect that requires chemical or organic insecticide treatment. Leaf tips turning brown could be a sign of a disease process, or it could mean too much fertilizer was used on the lawn or flower beds in the surrounding area.

Many people worry about lichens and fungi, but don’t know the difference between them. Lichen is natural and will not harm the tree, but a fungus can rot the wood it’s growing on, calling for intervention.

We review recent activity around the tree. The drip line is only one indicator of how far roots extend. Trenching or other activity that has disturbed the roots could cause lasting problems, but with an appropriate care plan, the tree can be saved. Running over shallow roots with a lawnmower or heavy traffic can also disturb tree growth.

Proper Tree Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

As Michigan State University Extension notes, a professional assessment by a Certified Arborist can save you time and money. How quickly a tree’s issue is diagnosed and treated might mean the difference between saving it and losing it. The longer you wait, the more extensive the treatment might need to be, costing you more money. Let’s not even consider the costs of a weather-damaged tree falling on your cars or your neighbor’s house!

Science-Based Problem-Solving

When a diagnosis is in question, we make every effort to know exactly what we’re dealing with before we recommend a plan of action. That means we may take samples from both affected and healthy-appearing parts of the tree, along with pictures and a detailed description of the scope and nature of the problems. Our Kalamazoo tree service uses science to assist us, sending samples to labs handling landscape-specific testing procedures.

In short, we’re the arboriculture detectives who will find out what’s bugging your tree, and we’ll give you a site-specific plan to take care of it. Call our office today to schedule a free risk assessment and learn for sure if your tree can be saved.

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