Trees spraying may be required for a variety of reasons. Most common are an invasive pest or a fungal disease that cannot be destroyed through nature’s own measures. It’s a delicate balancing act, spraying enough to solve the immediate problem without causing longer term issues by damaging the tree, killing beneficial insects or harming the surroundings.

Doing nothing may sometimes be the correct course of action. Only a professional can assess the true problem. Leaves infected at the end of a season may not need to be sprayed. However, you may then learn how important leaf clean-up will be in the fall or find out what you can do next spring to eliminate a repeat of the problem.

Certified Arborists in Kalamazoo like ours will give you a professional opinion about the results you can expect from your treatment options. They will tell you how successful a spray application will be for the future of the tree. The type of issue your tree faces, such as the kind of insect or the disease process as well as the variety of tree and its overall health are important factors in treatment planning and the potential for success.

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Ideal Conditions for Tree Spraying

Spraying success is based on certain conditions, such as the season, temperatures, level of humidity, and risk of rain. Timing is everything! A treatment may be most effective at a certain point in the bug’s lifecycle, for example, but not in others. Spraying based on a calendar date alone will not be the solution for your Kalamazoo trees.

Michigan State University Extension lists several other important reminders about spraying your tree or landscape. Many of the products used today are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because of their high level of toxicity. This means that only a trained and licensed commercial applicator can legally spray a chemical. Ask for credentials from anyone before they spray any product on your property.

Spraying Only Successful with the Right Strategy

Another important factor is that while timing is important, the strategy of application also makes a difference. How diluted a spray will be, how much is used, and what method of application is required are questions your applicator should be able to answer. Our crews are trained to comply with both recommended dosages based on your tree and its condition, and to avoid potential toxic cross-uses, such as multiple types of pesticide combined with the hope one will work.

Finally, make sure the company applying any chemicals on your property explain fully how the product is supposed to work, what kinds of application methods they plan to use, and what longer term impacts you may expect. In some cases, it’s best to move outdoor furniture, children’s play areas, or pet zones for a period after chemical application. Understand what is likely to happen to the tree because of the spray, and what side effects you might notice after treatment.

Check with Your Certified Arborist before Spraying Trees

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as preventative care when it comes to spraying. If a Kalamazoo tree company comes to your door and says they can spray your trees to help you avoid a future problem, get a second opinion before agreeing. If applied incorrectly, these chemicals can result in damage to surrounding vegetation and health risks to your family and the environment. You only want to leave this in the hands of a professional.

Our Certified Arborists are trained and licensed in the appropriate uses of insecticides, fungicides and miticides and the science behind how a treatment works best. Call us for a free estimate about any tree spraying services you believe you need.

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